AF FORM Yes No PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE A and B Member unable to sign PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION The. Get the AF FORM ,Pg 1 – Description. OFFICER PERFORMANCE REPORT (Lt thru Col) I. RATEE IDENTIFICATION DATA (Read AFI. 2 Arial 10 bold absolute 13 AF FORM , C:\Documents and . EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE (A and B) Arial 7 plain center absolute.

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Do not repeat comments provided in previous section. If any data is incorrect, notify the CSS for correction.

An evaluator must be a colonel or equivalent to close out report as a single evaluator. The rater will provide face to face feedback to the ratee in conjunction with issuing the evaluation. The rater should first attempt to call the ratee and conduct the feedback via telephone.

Multiple general officers serving as evaluators are prohibited 7007b AFIparagraph 3. Extensions are not granted to document awards or achievements.

If the officer is: If classified, refer to AFIparagraph 3. If using Outlook for local routing, follow the instructions below to forward evaluations: Use the drop down menu to select the appropriate grade entry. Digital signatures will auto-generate the date signed. A score of less than 75 requires the evaluation to be referred. All signatures, except the evaluator who is deployed, must be original. The specific school cannot be mentioned.

For indeterminate day deployments only: Forms will be auto-dated only when digital signature is applied, otherwise the date will be handwritten. As a minimum, this review must ensure: If an evaluator is also a functional examiner, then they sign in both blocks.


Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

Unit will be notified via CMS. The OPR serves as the feedback form. See definition of rating chain in AFIAttachment 1 and paragraph 3.

Unit commanders may request an extension when officers are required to fitness test immediately preceding the OPR closeout date and fail to meet fitness standards. Do not suspense or require raters to submit a ac evaluation with their signature on it to the next evaluator in the rating chain any earlier than five duty days after the close-out date.

Methods for Assessing Safety Culture. The new form will be designated as AF Form Do not sign and date before the close-out date of the report. If feedback was not performed, an explanation must be provided. For routing procedures, see Notes 19 and The form can be either handwritten or typed.

Indeterminate day deployments will use the TDY job description. See Note 14 k. In the case where digital signatures are being used on the evaluation, the AF Form 77 will be prepared, signed 707v a wet signature, scanned and saved in PDF format, and electronically forwarded along with the electronic evaluation.

Do not delay signing a report due to pending personnel changes, promotions, approval of a more prestigious duty title, and so forth. Bullets are limited to two lines per bullet. Required feedbacks may be accomplished on previous edition pending availability.

See Notes 8 and 17 Table 3. Enter information about the position the ratee held in the unit and the nature or level of job responsibilities. Rater will indicate the type of feedback in Section II. Significant events are things such as AF-level awards or derogatory information resulting in a referral report, not wf additional daily achievements. Judgment must be applied to determine which option is in the best interests of the Air Force and will result in the most accurate and meaningful report.


Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

Assessing verbal communication skills of aff students. The old versions will be available fotm the e-publishing web page until 90 days after the effective date of the OPR. When typing information into the form, you will have to end typing at the end of each line and manually place the cursor on the next line to continue typing. In Section IV, rater certifies performance feedback in this area by entering the date the most recent feedback was provided during the rating period, this included midterm feedback or any subsequent feedback requested by the ratee.

Officer Performance Report

See Notes 8 and 17 C Example i. All seven Performance Factors are consolidated on the front side of the form. The new form has digital signature capability.

Digital signatures must be used for all evaluators and reviewers. Referral reports will be accomplished with wet hand written signatures only.

Identify the component in parentheses after the location. Ratee forwards digitally signed report back to the rater.