PDF | The present study aims to evaluate the therapeutic properties of the medicinal plants (Vitex negundo, Aegle marmelos and Boswellia serrata) for their . Abstract To evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of Vitex negundo (VN) leaf extract and its mechanism of action in experimental animals. Carrageenin induced. Abstract. The present study was undertaken to assess the anti-inflammatory effect of ethanolic extract of Vitex negundo roots in rats.

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DX 7 days, orally as shown in Table 2. The present study therefore, intends to investigate the antiinflammatory activity of hydroalcoholic leaves extracts of polyhedral formulation of Murraya Koenigii and Vitex Negundo on carrageenan induced inflammation in experimental animal models, in order to confirm the medicinal properties of the plant.

Oct 06, Abstract Vitex negundo and Murraya koenigii are popular Indian herbs which are used for various clinical disorders. The filtrates were kept on water bath to obtain the crude extract [ 10 ].

Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Activity of Vitex negundo

Gallic acid and 1,1-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl was procured from Sigma Aldrich Co. Effects of test drugs on oxytocin activit rat uterus contractions were compared to original response of oxytocin in term of height in cms, which served as control.

Albino rats of either sex weight g of wistar strain, procured from National Institution of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India were used for the present study. DX 7 days, orally as standard drug. The present work was undertaken to evaluate the antioxidant potential and anti-inflammatory activity of the plant. Carrageenin induced edema in hind paw of rat as assay for anti-inflammatory drugs.


The leaves were dried under shade and were ground to form the smooth powder. Five groups of 6 mice each were administered with aqueous extract at 1. Megundo 7 days drug treatment in cotton pellet granuloma method, mL of blood was collected from inner canthus of eye from each animal using capillary tube, in a vial containing EDTA as an anticoagulant. The tubes were then centrifuged at rpm for 10 min and cooled. X 7 days, p. All animals were divided into five groups, six rats in each group. An experimental evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of Vitex negundo.

Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Activity of Vitex negundo.

Interscience Publication, John Wiley and Sons; Author information Article actiivity Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

The vitamin-C and carotene content of several herbs and flowers used in ayurvedic system of medicine.

Inhibitory effect of Vitex-negundo extract on oxytocin induced contractions in rat uterus in a dose dependant manner. The ethno medical use of V. Flavonoids are an important group of polyphenols and are reported to inhibit prostaglandin synthesis, which are known mediators of inflammation Medicinal uses and biological activities of Vitex negundo.

DX 7 days, orally showed significant reduction of both wet as well as dry weights of granuloma in dose dependent manner, when compared to control with maximum effect in mg kg -1 dose of the test drug showing The result obtained in this study suggested that hydroalcoholic leaves extract of Vitex Negundo and Murraya Koenigii possess significant anti-inflammatory activity against Carrageenan induced paw edema in rats.

Studies on lipid peroxides in platelets: Can’t read the image? Please review our privacy policy. The pastes of leaves are applied externally to treat the bites of poisonous animals [ 7 ].


Antioxidant and Antiinflammatory Activity of Vitex negundo.

Carrageenin induced rat hind paw edema method: Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory Drugs. Carrageenin induced hind paw edema and cotton pellet granuloma test in albino rats were employed to study the anti-inflammatory activity of Vitex negundo VN leaf extract. Ayurveda mentions several plants acting as antiinflammatory agents in inflammayory disorders.

Diclofenac sodium was obtained from Mac Labs, Mumbai as a gift sample. The content were mixed well and kept at room temperature for 15 min. This is because of the adverse effects associated with synthetic drugs.

Due to increase in frequency of intake of synthetic drug and their side effect, there is need to focus on herbal drug having fewer side effect. Antioxidant functions of carotenoids.

We are extremely thankful to Dr. The total polyphenolic content of the whole percolate extract was determined using Prussian blue method 6. A positive lipid peroxidation inhibitory activity of the extract of V. During the aerobic incubation of tissue homogenates, malondialdehydes are formed which on reaction with thiobarbituric acid produced a pink colour. The difference in anyi and dry weights of granuloma from control group to that of treated group indicates the anti-inflammatory activity.

Moreover, leaves of VN are known to possess various anti-oxidant chemical constituents like flavonoids Banerji et al.