Ultimate Guide to Properly Grooming Your Penis Hair and sweat around the base of your penis, testicles, and anus produces funky odors. Save yourself some cash and time by mastering out our expert guide to DIY haircuts. On any day, your hair gets washed, dried, styled, tousled by hand and wind, greased by natural oils and sweat, slept on, and so forth.

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This stuff has come a long way since it first became a thing.

Ultimate Guide to Properly Grooming Your Penis – AskMen

While methods like waxing can be a pain — literally! Once you apply the cream to your skin, the chemicals dissolve your hair right below the surface, turning it into a sludge you can wipe right off your body.

Afterward, your skin stays hair-free for up to four weeks, depending on the product. Some people might be especially sensitive to the ingredients used in the creams, so try it out on a small section of your body — like part of your arm or leg — before using it all over. And, get your timer ready: One plus about buying these products in hairr that the companies have worked hard over the years to ensure they not only smell much better than the ones you remember seeing years ago, but also make them much easier to apply.


Coarse hair Men who have extremely course and thick hair will love this product. Just apply to dry skin without rubbing in, wait a minute, then get into the shower.

You can go about your typical routine — avoiding the areas you applied the product to tbe then rinse it all off once the time is up. The pubic region Alright, alright — this product is specifically made for women.

But, it might be used by men just as frequently for one simple reason: Thanks to a formula enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera, it will keep the genital area hair-free for weeks. Magic Razorless Manul Shave — designed for African American men, but useable on any skin tone — is a great alternative to shaving.

Men love it for its ability to get the look of a close shave without annoying razor bumps on the face and neck. Plus, the result lasts for up to 4 days. Manjal hair removal While the aforementioned Veet for Women product is known for getting rid of hair down under, this is another solid option for other parts of the body — particularly the chest, back, arms, and legs.


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