Several of them have been published by a great Assamese scholar, Surya Deodhai Assam buranji, with several shorter chronicles. Ahom Buranji.. Assam Buranji.•. Assam Buranji. ••. Assam Buranji.. Assam Buranji.. Asam Buranji (S.M). Assam Buranji.. Asamar Padya Buranji.. Annals of . Results 1 – of Asama burañjī. Assam buranji; or, A history of Assam from the commencement of the Ahom rule to the British occupation of Assam in

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Where appropriate, incorporate items into the main body of the article. And not only that In the same section 1. However, he often precisely indicated his sources, as far as it was possible in his time remember he was the first to collect manuscripts and name them ; and he also cleverly summed up the matters. Translation into English of important Assamese historical texts Ahom buranji: They are smaller in size and some of them can even be fired from hand.

Such as Assamese historical literature Assam buranji Kamrupar burajji Report on the work of the DHAS Deodhai Assam buranji, with several shorter chronicles Tungkhungkia buranji Kachari buranji Tripura buranji Most of these editions have been printed again and again, thanks to DHAS.

Who is the editor of Deodhai Assam Buranji?

Thursday 12 Juneby F. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Swargadeu Swarganarayan or Dihiniya Roja first said to have made and used bortops in Assam, in somewhere near Saka.


Moreover he took jomburs, Ramchangis, Hatnoliya bonduk smaller guns shields. This choice had two consequences. Guranji Kumar Bhuyan devised his editions for a rather wide Assamese audience.

This article needs additional citations for verification. But very few of these Assamese texts have been translated into another language. For a long time they gave a political stability to the kingdom and successfully checked the eastward expansion of the Mughals. Aspects of Early Assamese Literature. Inscriptions on rock or on copper plates 2. Map, Photos, Tables, Glossary.

Catalog Record: Tungkhungia buranji; or, A history of Assam, | Hathi Trust Digital Library

These documents reveal chronology of events, language, culture, society and the inner workings of buanji state machinery of the kingdom. They were written in “simple, lucid and unambiguous but expressive language with utmost brevity and least exaggeration.

History is my passion. Legend says that when this gun was fired, people standing nearby had their eardrums got damaged. Transcribed and translated by Renu Wichasin. The buranij used to prepare gun-powder is now lost forever. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Articles needing cleanup from August All pages needing cleanup Wikipedia list cleanup from August All stub articles.

Mithaholong is one of the five different classes of big guns made in Assam. Probably if I’d have studied humanities, I’d bruanji gone for history.


This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat Buranji is the synonym for history in Assamese. Why they were so successful against their much more powerful adversary can be atributed partly to the location, topography and the climate of the region they ruled and partly to their millitary prowess.

Retrieved from ” https: Or may be my upbringing. The length of the bortop assa 12 hats hat is the distance from the finger tips to the elbow, nearly 18 inches and the circumference at the back was 4 hats. Hope people who stumble upon here may find these interesting. Views Read Edit View history. Most of these editions have been printed again and again, thanks to DHAS.

After six months they are taken to some othar place.

3. Manuscript (or printed) chronicles in Assamese language & script

Most of these informations are collected from historical books written in Assamese. Indian literature Ahom kingdom Diplomatic correspondence Indian history book stubs International relations book stubs. It appeared first here.

The other types are Biyagom bortop, Hatimuriya bortop, Tubukee bortop and Baghmora bortop. But there is nothing lacking in interest.