“Material technology, without spiritual knowledge, is leading us to a global catastrophe on Earth. Technology should assist in the spiritual development and not. Tibetan Shamanic Interpretation of the Aura Patricia M. Pellicciotti. India with some I find it difficult to believe that there is only one way to interpret Auras. I don’t even care Dr. Tom J. Chalko says, regarding the Aura, “Nature gave us all we need to see Auras. All that is Seeing Aura will only be the beginning. You will. How to See & Read the Aura By Dr. Tom J. Chalko . Seeing the cross is the evidence, that the left hemisphere of the brain (connected to the right eye) is.

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tom chalko

Our Eyes With our eyes we can believjng perceive a very narrow range of vibration frequencies of Electro-Magnetic EM vibration corresponding to wavelengths from 0. This is accomplished by cnalko short microsecond impulse s of High Voltage to the body and recording its UV and visible response over many milliseconds, or even seconds. The shape of your electronic astral body follows closely your physical body. Imagine the joy and the fun we can have then.

They operate using the principle of a resonance and they are tuned for 3 frequencies: To explain the above statement, we would need to define the spectrum and explain how we perceive colour with our eyes.

Although our skin resistance is related to our emotional state lie detectors based on skin resistance measurement have been in use for at least 60 years it has nothing to do with an image of an Aura vibration.

The sector diagnosis is based on the diagnostic table, connecting the glow characteristics of separate zones of fingers with the functional state of the body zones. When peripheral sensors are stimulated for some time, we have colour sensations, much different than when we use the central vision. Our retina the focal plane of the eye containing photosensitive cells is less damaged there than in the central part. I explained what I was seeing and he whispered that I was seeing his aura.


Make sure that the camera is facing a black screen.

Bioresonant bookshop

In the distant past, people admired things they could not explain and called them miracles. Colours perceived by our eyes are only our perception of MUCH more complex reality: Independent clinic observations in different countries revealed the diagnostic validity of the GDV-technique and, in particular, the model of the field distribution — Aura. People with turquoise strong point in their Aura can do many things simultaneously and are good organizers.

A few years ago I attended a seminar on meditation conducted by a local psychic. Things which can greatly amplify your aura are: Make both your index fingers nearly touching each other, preferably in font of a dark, matt background.

It is therefore essential to focus at one spot when watching the Aura and resist temptation to change the point of focus, otherwise an image of the Aura may become confused with the afterimage of an object. I went back to attempting meditation [which I bbelieving not very good at] and found myself constantly peaking at him to see if I believng the aura again. In three years more than instruments are sold to different countries. The astral body is an electronic mass containing about 4e21 4,,,, electrons.

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I have placed this information on here as it gives many foods for thoughts even though it might be a bit heavy for some people. Then, you can choose a technique to record the exact image of this glow. For example Michel Desmarquet, author of Thiaoouba Prophecyfrequently glows with the electric seieng during his lectures, especially chalkoo he answers questions from the public. And if you miss is, you have to start concentrating again. Some people have their astral body quite strong and shiny, extending 10 mm or more beyond their physical body.

Buddha and Christ had yellow halos extending to their arms.

Auric Pairs in Nature are very stimulating, and frequently induce an overwhelming feeling of beauty and happiness. Due to the short electrical impulse used 10 mks subject responses in wide band of frequencies. This electricity is actually a part of our bio-energy. Kilner described how the inner aura followed body contours, while the outer aura was larger and ovoid in shape. Everything in the Universe seems to be just a vibration. In such case it is necessary to re-learn everything from the beginning.


In my opinion it is related to the fact that males dress in black or grey colours for the most of their lives and rarely use colours.

For more on this subject look in my book Meditation Oneness. The discharge reveals the features of an object which cannot be determined by other techniques in additional to which one can track any small changes which occur. It seems that we can accomplish the above by: Your sensitivity and awareness greatly increase. Pink Aura indicates that the person achieved a perfect balance between spiritual awareness and the material existence.

Experiment to see your own astral body: There are no theories or fantasy in it, only an exact witness report of the Reality of the Universe. Astral body is THE most important, eternal part of us, because our consciousness is embedded in it.

Place the picture in Fig 2 about 1 meter in front of you. It seems that using Kirlian diagnostics, we may be able to take preventive measures, rather than wait until emergency treatments and surgery are required.

Aura – Learn to see your Aura image with your own eyes

This is your aura. For example, Aura shape, size and colour content are dramatically different for a sick person, natural healer and a spiritually advanced individual.

Isn’t it logical seing we should avoid all of the above if possible?

Astral Body Frequently, the astral body is mistaken for the aura. In three cases of sarcoma, the tumour was indicated in the electronographic image, and the corresponding X-ray photographs showed no indications of cancer.