Basic programming principles by H. G Erasmus(Book) 2 editions Basic programming principles using Visual by C. M Pretorius(Book) 1 edition. CM Pretorius and HG Erasmus. Basic understanding of problem-solving and basic programming principles are vital necessities. .. an equation. For example, a = b + c, where a must be a numeric variable that if code = “H” then. BASIC PROGRAMMING PRINCIPLES. PRETORIUS C. ISBN: Estimated delivery within business day. R Add to Basket Added.

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A numeric value cannot be compared with a character value. Write a complete algorithm with functions to solve the following problem: The input data must be processed to give the output information ,which is the amount the student will receive.

Calculation can also be done using equations. A subprocedure will be used to calculate the final mark and determine whether it is a pass or fail messageand another subprocedure will display the mark and the message result. Input the coefficients a, b, c of the quadratic equation Calculate d Calculate x1 Calculate x2 Print x1 and x2. The name of the value returned by the function need not be the same as in the calling statement. Pretoirus is the position of an element in an array. Etasmus rights reserved Introduction to C Programming.

Used also to retrieve an individual value from the array. This doesn’t mean that anyone who uses your computer can access your account information as we separate association what the cookie provides from authentication. Enter the number of rows of chairs in the city hall as well as the number of chairs per row.



Enter indicates that data must be entered via the keyboard. The owner also has to enter the kilometresand the number of days that Henry rented the trailer. The output is The name of the learner is John.

B there a lesson today? The enter name statement causes the computer to show a prompt on the screen so that the user can use the keyboard to type a name. The last statement or step is always end.

The customer has to pay R7. Row 3 column 0 contains minimum and maximum temperatures for day 4 that is 3 and 24 If the name of the array is temperature,to reference a particular element we specify both the row and the column number: We think you have liked this presentation.

Programmers make lots of money.


Chapter 7 Introduction to Procedures. Add the two numbers to determine the sum. Registration Forgot your password?

At the end of the algorithm the total amount of interest must be displayed. Structured English formalized and abbreviated to look like high-level computer language Example 1: For each symbol in flow chart there is corresponding pseudo code statement.

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Pretoriis have now displayed a constant erasus the content of a variable. Calculate and display the distance in metres and then calculate and display the distance in centimetres Input Processing Output Prompt to read kilometer Kilometer meter Enter kilometremetre centimeter Calculate metrecentimetre Calculate centimetre Display metre Display centimetre. An array is a data structure that consists of a number of related variables.


The number bought and the price of a fruit bar are entered in a main procedure.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The student needs to know how many hours he has to work at what rate of pay before he can calculate the final amount he will receive.

Calculate and show the sum, difference and product of these two integers on the screen. In other words, it can change more than one value.

C_ITPR111 Introduction to Programming

Basci rents a trailer to move stock to a store. Display the weight of the food in kg as well as the amount due. Function and main program communicate by parameters Order the order of the parameters must be the same as in the functions.