Caligo brasiliensis sulanus Fruhstorfer, (Dark Owl-Butterfly). Pinned Specimens photo collection Page 1: · Pinned Specimens photo collection Page 2 . Caligo brasiliensis, the Brazilian owl, sulanus owl, or almond-eyed owl, is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. The species can be found in most of South. LThe owl-butterfly is mostly known insect in the tropical forest of low altitude. It is thus called because of its ocellus looking like an eye of an own on its hindwings.

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Felder, Lepidoptera nova Columbiae Wien. Taxonomy This palm was first scientifically described and validly published as Cocos romanzoffiana in in Paris in a folio of illustrations made by the artist Louis Choris, with a description by the French-German poet and botani See [ maps ] Caligo oileus C.

Biodiversity of Costa Rica

Larva on Heliconia sp. Caligo idomeneus Linnaeus, Brazil, Surinam. Member feedback about List of Tipula species: The fauna of the Andes is brssiliensis diverse. See [ maps ] Papilio idomeneus Linnaeus, ; Syst.

Caligo brasiliensis | Revolvy

Caligo prometheus epimetheus ; Fruhstorfer,Dt. Brasioiensis is thus called because of its ocellus looking like an eye of an own on brasiliendis hindwings, genus Caligo includes about twenty species in Central and South America, at least five of which is present in Costa Rica: The Andean mountain cat is an endangered species. Lists of caigo by location Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Butia eriospatha: Trinidad Caligo eurilochus phryasus Fruhstorfer, ; Ent.


See [ maps ] Morpho martia Godart, []; ; TL: Caligo eurilochus brasiliensis ; Caligo brasiliensis brasiliensis ; [NL4A]a. These butterflies of 15 cm of wingspan can be observed mostly while sitting on a trunk or on the ground eating rotting fruits. Member feedback about Owl butterfly: The species can be found in most of South America as various subspecies, including BrasilienxisColombiaVenezuela and Ecuador.

Butterflies of Central America Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Euterpe edulis: Larva on Heliconia latispathaMusa sp.

Such torn wing does not prevent the insect to fly or to reproduce: Far from chasing away the predators by passing butterfly for a bird of prey, this “eye” is an trap for hunting birds: Some owl butterflies brasiliensie leks in mating behavior. Brasilienssi Pavonia telemachus Hewitson, ; Zoologist 8: The two regions Amazon and Andes are South America proper excluding the pampas Ornamental trees Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Caligo suzanna Deyrolle, Colombia. Waar in de Surinaamsche rupsen en wormen met alle des zelfs veranderingen, na het leven afgebeeld en beschreeven worden, zynde elk geplaast op die gewassen, bloemen en vruchten, daar sy op gevonden zyn; waar in ook de generatie der kirkvorschen, wonderbaare padden, hagedissen, slangen, spinnen en mieren werden vertoond en beschreeven, alles in America na het leven en levensgroote geschildert en beschreeven; pp.

Caligo teucer Linnaeus. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

Caterpillars of Caligo that can be recognized by their forked tail can be often found under the brasiliensls of a heliconia or a banana tree that they eat to the detriment of commerce of banana growing. Member feedback about List of butterflies of the Amazon River basin and the Andes: See [ maps ] Pavonia telamonius C. Syagrus romanzoffiana, the queen palm[7] or cocos palm, is a palm native to South America, introduced throughout the world as a popular ornamental garden tree.


Caligo brasiliensis – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

As a result of the nomenclature confusion, they often retain a previous name in popular usage. See [ maps ] Pavonia eurylochus var.

Peru Caligo idomeneus superba f. Nine countries have territory in the Amazon River basin or immediately adjoin this region: Honduras Caligo eurilochus sulanus Fruhstorfer, ; Soc.

The Andes extends from north to south through seven South American countries: The Amazon River basin may be brasilliensis most speciose region for butterflies. Caligo erisbe ; J. Caligo martia Godart, [] Brazil. And if unluckily they are found, they can still defend themselves by secreting toxic molecules.

Papilio eurilochus Cramer Aerodes Billberg, ; Enum. List of Lepidoptera of Honduras topic Location of Honduras The Lepidoptera of Honduras consist of both the butterflies and moths recorded from Honduras.

See [ maps ] Pavonia oberthurii Deyrolle, ; ; TL: Felder,4: Caligo brasiliensis Felder.

Caligo brasiliensis

Etymology Named after Nikolay Rumyantsev —who was Russia’s Foreign Minister and Imperial Chancellor and notable patron of the Russian voyages of exploration. Chiriqui Caligo telamon [sic] var.

Caligo oedipus Stichel. Ecuador Caligo agesilaus Druce, ; ; TL: The owl-butterfly Caligo brasiliensis sulanus Classification Kingdom: