Ed Friedland Slap Bass The Ultimate Guide. Instruction on how to play funk bass. Includes Snapping, Popping, Left Hand Integration, Dead. Ed Friedland: SLAP BASS, DVD, Bass, and thousands more titles. ejazzlines has the best selection and prices of jazz in the world!. gone – whew, that was quick thanks! The Ed Friedland “Slap Bass” DVD is a great instruction tool for beginning slappers, accomplished.

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Books By Ed Friedland. Expanding Walking Bass Lines Description: Metronome Content on my Instruction page. By the end of this DVD as long as you practice your be a confident slapper. There is also a section that gives you a chance to practice the essential skill of picking up tunes by ear.

Many of the most popular classic “riddims” friedand here, written in tab and standard notation. I learned so much from him about musicality, and swing, how to play what you mean—I’m still learning Dickie, I miss you man. Designed for the beginning slaap player, this is my first book. You get to hear one chorus of him, and the camera is right there. Learn how to effectively use these scales to create bass lines, and how to super-impose different scales over chords for soloing.

The exercises are expanded into fun grooves that further work the concepts you’ve learned. I’m very fortunate to be able to maintain a full schedule of diverse-yet-music centered activities – playing live, recording, writing instructional books, gear reviewing, teaching This book is the rock and roll version of my first book “Building Walking Bass Lines”.

Reggae is a whole universe unto itself, an entire musical culture. Go back to the source!

Ed Friedland – Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide

friedlan It starts you out learning the notes string by string, you learn simple rhythms and apply everything with fun tracks to play with. There are many great feeling jazz tracks to play with, including 10 full length standard progressions.


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It starts out with rhythmic embellishment – skips, triplets, dead notes and moves into targeting scale and chromatic notes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It makes the most basic aspects of bass playing incredibly easy. Building upon each as you progress.

Ed Friedland – Slap Bass: The Ultimate Guide download

Learning how to program your drum machine and play grooves that fithow to create your OWN funk lines with simple forms, equipment guidance, stylistic nuances of master slappers Larry Graham, Louis Johnson and Marcus Miller and much more. It progesses into intermediate and advanced techniques, so this DVD will keep you learning for a long time. After learning the contents of this book, you’ll be able to show up at band practice or to the gig and play your own ideas, not just follow the guitarist’s left hand.

You learn about modal playing with a concept I call “Modal Mapping”, playing more outside lines with implied harmony, and other more advanced topics. You can read more about my educational concept Warning: Of course, there are lots of great tracks to play with. Taking full advantage of the navigational convenience of DVD, this minute video is packed with essential exercises to develop your chops.

Book 2 of the method teaches you classic box shape licks, blues lines and how to move them around the fingerboard, major and minor scales and arpeggios, syncopated 8th note rhythms, the shuffle rhythm, and is full of great tracks to play with. He not only covers the basics in a way that is easy to understand, but then gives simple, practical, and most importantly, musical exercises to help you master the lesson.

You’re not left totally alone, there are many helpful suggestions to prepare you for this seemingly impossible task. This is a more global approach to jazz playing.


Your email address will not be published. There are of course tracks to play with, and all written examples are performed on the CD as well. The first slap bass instructional to be produced in native DVD format.

Using the most common rhythms in rock music, you start learning what notes work with different chords, and how to find them all over the neck. I use this book in many of my jazz workshops. The total package is a complete, comprehensive, well organized method that will take you from the very first steps to fd level.

This is the perfect tool for the upright bassist that is new to jazz playing. The completely rewritten method for electric bass! After you’ve learned everything in this book, you’ll be ready to hit the local blues jam and do it right. It may be boring for many at first, but it gets better quickly.

Book of the Month Brand new!

It was the first walking bass method book to come with play along tracks, something you take for granted now. I have also put up a lot of archived material that has not been available for years. Sounds scary, and maybe it is at basx, but keep in mind that jazz musicians do this every day. It explains many other ideas like scalewise motion, chromatic motion, arpeggiation, targeting other chord tones, and much more.

Ed Friedland breaks the whole Slap technique into easy step by step parts.