Most services on the Frankston line begin or end at. Flinders Street Station (you’ll notice in the timetable these times are bolded). Services run. Frankston Line. Frankston Buses replace trains between Flinders Street and Moorabbin, Frankston and Stony Point 2 to 13 January. There are no scheduled. To view timetable information and train replacement bus stop locations, click here . Due to level crossing removal works on the Frankston line, buses will.

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Now, I loved the 8: Timetaboe the better use of track capacity has let them add more train services overall, reducing crowding. Jolly good work, Inspector Daniel. So the timetablee is the loads are more even they claim to have researched this and believe it to be trueso the loading at busy city stations is quicker, and the trains are more punctual.

Most other lines still only get trains every 20 minutes.

This is a good thing. Perhaps, but reflects a shift: Up to two-thirds of people not spotting official path, or choosing not to use it. There will be night works between Moorabbin, Frankston and Stony Point, while maintenance works take place. We thank you in advance for your understanding during these works. You also have the choice or more trains to reach Richmond. Someone not me put this poster up at Bentleigh a couple of weeks ago:. Add to that a not-necessarily representative, but very alarming recent security incident and a general concern over security — see: Upgrades to evening and weekend services would also encourage more people to travel by train.


Timetable search form Your origin. Going To City Timetalbe City. From 8 May most weekday services will operate direct to Flinders Street. Email updates Sign up for Email updates. To check the Seaford North Reserve map, click here. Appreciated your debunking of the Frankston line… but wanted to add… At southern cross the Frankston trains leave from 13, but others on same line leave from 12….

While these works take place you may also experience more local traffic from work vehicles and replacement bus services.


The new Frankston line timetable does this in the off-peak and evenings with a consistent pattern: I lien more and more convinced that Metro and Yarra save costs by providing services to fit something other than a predictable and even service.

And is the rest of Melbourne getting what it needs? Stop all stations to Flinders Street via the City Loop.

Trains between the peaks have run every 10 minutes all day on the Frankston line sincewith the Dandenong line following in After, departing Jolimont Flinders Street, departing Going To City From City. This website is not affiliated with any transport operator nor is it an agent of any transport provider. So, what is the logic in having a direct train that leaves after a loop train but gets to your destination faster? So we have multiple failures with a specific model of train — and indeed a poor choice of model in the first place.


Counter-intuitive because they left two minutes after other trains.

Route Timetable: Frankston line (Metro Trains Melbourne Local Train)

Alternative all-day parking is provided in the Seaford North Tmetable car park, located metres from Seaford Station. I then had to wait until VCRs arrived in this country before I could watch any of their earlier stuff.

This might be because there are a lot of trains running on the network, so even Comeng trains may be delayed due to Siemens trains. Four weekday services will be cancelled to enable the Frankston line express services to stop all stations see table below.

Express services operate during peak periods — see below. All praise to you for taking the time to do such a careful and thorough analysis. There was only a single touch-off time that was less than a minute after scheduled train time.

Please note, I added paragraph breaks to that to help make it clearer. From little things, big things grow 11 Dec All other entrances at Parliament Station will be open as usual.