– Buy Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking book Land of Plenty: A Treasury Of Authentic Sichuan Cooking by Fuchsia Dunlop. But now that I have a dog-eared copy of Fuchsia Dunlop’s new cookbook, Every Grain of Rice on my kitchen counter, things have changed. In fact, since. Every Grain of Rice has ratings and 60 reviews. Fuchsia Dunlop trained as a chef in China’s leading Sichuan cooking school and possesses the rare.

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With Dunlop’s books and the improved accessibility of ingredients, Fichsia can recreate the flavors that I enjoyed in China. Refresh and try again. This is my already favorite cookbook, and I’ve made only a small share of the recipes in the book. Delicious recipes, great tips, grrain different styles of Chinese cuisine and beautiful photos to show me what my dishes were supposed to look like Authentic and easy to tell the author lived in China and studied Chinese cooking.

After the critical praise lavished on her first two books it was with some anticipation that that her pan-Chinese book was greeted.

Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking: Fuchsia Dunlop: Bloomsbury Publishing

The only caveat I have is that you WILL have trouble sourcing many of the ingredients if you are not lucky enough to live, as I do, in a community with a large Asian frain store. Aug 29, Eddie Watkins rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ve been cooking Chinese food for over two decades now self-taughtand it’s been very exciting to see both the ingredient availability and quality of Chinese cookbooks in English improve.

The recipe for sizzling greens is alone worth the purchase price.

This book hits those memories perfectly. Fuchsia knows the stuff! The visuals are very helpful, esp for learning or reviewing the variety of cuts or ingredient reference. I usually keep library cookbooks for a while, cook from them, see how they will work into my regular eating repertoire.


Many of the recipes require few ingredients and are startlingly easy to make. Ddunlop of fuchssia latter, of course, is because Dunlop focuses on Sichuan This is the other cookbook that I read, literally, from cover to cover.

Have yet to cook anything from it. Her thesis is simple: A fascinating book on Chinese cooking – recipes you can actually tackle at home.

Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking by Fuchsia Dunlop

So though I’m familiar wit I like to get cookbooks fuxhsia the library to find out how useful they are before I decide on buying it. I’m not sure that I’ve ever done that with a cookbook before. I’ve read other books about Chinese cooking, my culinary school curriculum included a class on China and I’ve read various things about Chinese cooking online.

Overall, this is to be heartily recommended to anyone interested in cooking more Chinese food, regardless of their experience although it’s perhaps not for the completely novice cookand it fully deserves to break Fuchsia Dunlop into the mainstream consciousness. The idea of categories of flavor made my mouth water and I decided then fuchxia there I needed to learn more about Chinese cooking and its dunolp list of sauces and various fermented products integral to its cuisine, and this book delivers the goods.

Otherwise a tremendous introduction to Sichuan cooking! Part fuchsla the latter, of course, is because Dunlop focuses on Sichuan and Hunan cooking. I showed her this and she has read it from cover to cover quite a feat for a cookbook!

For the most part, access to a good oriental market is essential for these recipes, even if only for the occasional stocking up on store-cupboard ingredients. Yes the recipes in this book are often quite simple but that was not a bad thing in my view as it helped me move past the idea that authentic flavours demand complex recipes Having now stocked up my kitchen with a few basics, and cooked several recipes from this book I’m very happy with it.


Every Grain of Rice

Oct 10, Beka rated it liked it Shelves: The name so intrigued me I read up on it and found out that fish-fragrant derives not from the inclusion of fish in the recipe, but rather from one of the seven categories of flavor in Sichuan cooking.

The red braised pork belly was amazing and I was so glad to find a radish recipe that converted my family of radish haters to radish lovers. Return to Book Page. Lekkere recepten maar helaas veel toch niet haalbaar voor een meisje van evedy die nog thuis woont! Mar 19, Lindsey Duncan rated it really liked it Shelves: If they end up having so many useful recipes that I can’t be bothered to copy them then I know it’s a keeper.

Trivia About Every Grain of Ri The recipes are delicious. Jul 13, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: A perfect introductory text to Chinese cooking – even for those already familiar with the cuisine. A great starting point fo people interested in Graim cooking.

Very nice range of dishes. This is the other cookbook that I read, literally, from cover to cover. I’m pretty sure that the physical layout of the book helps a lot with the intimidation factor as well.

This is such a great, useful book.