I’ve been working on this course for a bit and am not sure how well it is working for anything. I know most people have already dismissed this as. Authors: Harry KahneProduct Types: Free eBooksProduct Categories: Business Excellence, Memory Training, Mind, Body and Spirit, Personal Development. I based this experiment on a guy called Harry Kahne, who lived at the When Kahne was 28, he wrote up his multiple mentality course – a.

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Instantly I would jump to my feet and recite my lines of poetry without the slightest hesitation. Have you ever thought of being able to write an e-mail and carry on a conversation at the same time, while giving full attention to both?

Some mechanics become Thomas Edisons or Henry Fords while others are “grease monkeys” to the day of their deaths. Some people insist we can only remember a fixed number of items in our working memory, likedepending on the person. So while I started off writing the alphabet backwards, and mixing the multjple of hardy short words together, I quickly graduated to writing a word down while simultaneously spelling a different word out loud, and beyond.

My Personal Development Experiments – September Update

However, your mind will become correspondingly more able to grasp them and, in a surprisingly short time, you will actually be amazed by your own ability to perform mental feats you had not thought possible feats of incalculable value to you inthe business and professional world. We start off in the Beta range to focus your brain’s learning process and then stimulate connections between neurons to improve your IQ permanently. Giving you a total of 2 hours of sleep every hour period… in other words, hour days!

The answer always pops into my mind and still does. Helping people come alive with passion and to infinity and beyond. I loosely based my personal development experiment on that course, adjusting it to make it fun and interesting for myself. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I just got better at delegating things to my automated unconscious mind, and switching quickly between tasks that require focus. They had nervous stability because they had serene self-confidence based on a knowledge of their ability to cope with any problem that might arise in their world.


FB Harry Kahne The Multiple Mentality Course – The Best You

There was a newspaper on a music rack in multiplee of him. To help you do this, I actively gather tools for your personal use, both conventional and esoteric, to add to your arsenal of healing modalities Ancient methods of mental discipline increase psychic energy potential for remote viewing and remote influencing.

Are such disciplines really suitable for modern men who need, above all other things, mental equilibrium, nervous stability, sound judgment, moral courage, and endurance! But yeah, it would be interesting to see whether multi-tasking has any long-term memory effects, or if each instance only applies to the single situation where it happens.

It will elicit that latent potential that has always been within us and we will mentally grow strong and vibrant — full of life and health. You can live quite fine without the other sleep phases for long periods of time — multople people have done so for months.

Plus I thought others might be interested in taking up the experiment, once they know it exists. Includes works by Gerald O’Donnell.

One of the more self-improvement changes was I overcame situations which where previously very stressful for me. Though I deliberately picked one kagne was already pretty damn stuck in my head. And now, on October 18th, I finally have the perfect convenient time to switch! Education here refers to gaining knowledge of a subject as opposed to mind training which is learning how to manipulate what we’ve learned and increasing capacity to create solutions to problems. These were being added and notated as well at the bottom of the larger blackboard in front of him.

These six separate processes actually involve fourteen distinct operations:. I did not achieve multiple mentality at this time. He often demonstrated his ability on stage by doing six different mental operations simultaneously.


T oday, we have more intelligent exploration, more scientific farming, better architecture, advertising, accounting, obstetrics, dentistry, and surgery. Weighing them side by side at one and the same time; balancing them, one against another, concurrently; reaching almost instantaneously a decision which we knowin the depths of our being, is the correct decision; and acting upon it promptly with the courage that comes with such conviction.

It was like the exercises where allowing me to do this naturally.

Research on psychic phenomena is scientifically verifiable. The most difficult problems will seem to solve themselves. Modern Civilization seems to be incapable of producing people endowed with imagination, intelligence, and courage. However, such as it was, he taught it to work for him.

My Personal Development Experiments – September Update

With the early merchant, he was at once his own architect, store designer, buyer, stock keeper, advertising manager, salesman, bookkeeper, and financial wizard.

I picked and mixed the various exercises suggested by Harry Kahne, to keep them fun and challenging as my ability to do several things at once improved. But as you progress from one to another, they become more difficult and involved. No matter what your education or experience, for the first time in your life, you will truly be using your brain power storehouse.

So here are the details of my experiment. My multiple mentality experiment In my most recent kentality, I tried to develop multiple mentality — being able to do several things at once. It is the only course of its kind in the world. Please Rate the Preview.

Firstly it becomes very stressful, atleast for me, I found kahe it at night when tired is a definite NO NO. Also, it includes pictures of him doing his 6-things-at-a-time stunts.