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As little as I like genuine whoremongers and real heartlessness, as much as I still prefer Chase to Carlyle leaving aside all the truly bad writersa rake needs to be convincing, or his reform isn’t either. His characterization wobbled some, from dedicated spy to debauched rakehell to brotherly uncle, etc. Christi Caldwell Narrated by: Loretta Chase August 1, It’s chaste, no sex scenes but I did not miss it.

Not so the H — a jaded indolent rake with no scruples that one can discern. Krysten rated it liked it Apr 12, It was a book of her triumph. Lord Julian used his considerable skills and cunning in the war against Napoleon.

The Sandalwood Princess / Knaves’ Wager

There are several plots with secondary characters that helped to drive this romance. Praise for Grace Burrowes: And Lillith, despite being carefully emotionless and oh-so-proper for a good bit of the story, has a heart under all that permafrost. She starts to melt. Eri rated it really liked it Dec 04, But wzger there are the parts that are not so loretra I did not love the story of Robert and Cecily. But how can she trust a man so steeped in the culture of high society, who conceals so much?


Knaves’ Wager Audiobook | Loretta Chase |

But very quickly, Julian discovers Lilith’s hidden warmth, kindness, and humor. And what better wife is there than someone as composed as Lilith.

I’ve read several books by the author and have really liked them. Still, a solid four-star regency! I loved that she went to him in the end, when he had given up and I could see the road to self-destruction that lay ahead of himand gave him another chance. Loretta Chase Narrated by: If Julian can seduce the famously icy Lady Lilith Davenant, the lady will release his cousin from the engagement.

So why does Olympia have to make it so deliciously difficult for him. In order to prevent the scheming demi-mondaine from trapping the naive Robert in marriage, Julian enters a wager with the observant and blackmailing woman – seduce Lilith within 8 weeks and she will relinquish her grasp on the young man.

He had tried to apologise and explain more than once before and she had quite rightly told him to shut up. I had tears in my eyes again third time through for me, this time as an audiobook and my heart ached for both hero and heroine, albeit for different reasons. Return to Book Page. Okay, so, I’m re-reading it already. Oddly enough that was primarily because he helped to get rid of the unsuitable “French whore” his cousin had lived with for two years.

Knave’s Wager by Loretta Chase

I had never listened to Stevie Zimmerman, and — while her sample clip sounded fine — I didn’t want to spend a credit on an unknown narrator. Oh, what a delightful book! Oct 07, HR-ML rated it it fhase ok.


Never did she imagine the blackguard’s amorous pursuit was the result of a wager to sully her flawless reputation. The endless jokes he makes about not having a wagfr are supremely ironic.

Chase, but an enjoyable, light story. Which in reality was pure discipline.

Knaves’ Wager

At one point, she has a totally wonderful moment where she is so vulnerable and insecure I got teary for her, but then it moved on and was never mentioned again. And I wouldn’t say I really disliked it, it was just really predictable and unoriginal to the point where it couldn’t keep my attention. Knowing that she can never marry, for no man could bear waager, Roddy still longs hopelessly for a family of her own.

I just melted when I realized that all her quiet and thankless love and devotion to her nieces and nephews by marriage was actually a projection for her need lorrtta her own children. Oct 13, Beth Elliott rated it really liked it. And an excellent narrator for the characters.

Sent to London by her untrustworthy uncle, the beautiful and feisty Katherine Ralston arrives for the Season in utter despair.